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    CORRECTED LONG SHOT REQUEST: Information of OBERSTLEUTNANT Weller, associated with Landw. Infantry Regiment 40

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    Char. Oberstleutnant z.D. Karl Friedrich Weller, *19.5.1858 in Linz, Rheinprovinz, †xx.2.1927 in Braunfels.

    He was the Vorstand of the Artillerie-Depot in Karlsruhe before the war (22.3.12 Vorstand, 18.4.13 Charakter als OTLzD).  According to the Stammliste of IR 93 (in which he served from 1895-99), he was from 29.9.14 Kdr. Ldst.-Inf.-Btl. Donaueschingen, from 12.3.15 Kdr. Ldst.-Inf.-Ers.-Btl. Rastatt, and from 26.10.15 a Btls.-Kdr. in LIR 40. Then, from 18.3.16 he was 2. Stabsoffizier of the Russenlager in Rastatt, and from 1.8.16 Kdt. Kriegsgefangenlager Wetzlar.  On 13.9.16 he received a Patent as an OTLzD and on 13.5.19 he wa retired with the Charakter as Oberst a.D.

    His prewar service was in Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 11 (where he was an Einjähriger-Freiwilliger in 1879-80), IR 57 (which he entered as an active officer aspirant on 1.2.1881), IR 93, IR 180 and IR 132. When he was placed z.D. on 17.1.12, it was with the uniform of IR 132.

    Known decorations are the Roter-Adlerorden 4.Klasse, Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse, Dienstauszeichnungskreuz, Centenarmedaille, Ritterkreuz 1.Klasse des Hzgl. Anhaltischen Hausordens Albrecht des Bären, Hzgl. Anhaltische Regierungs-Jubiläumsmedaille, and Ritterkreuz 1.Klasse des Kgl. Württembergischen Friedrichs-Orden.  I would guess that he also received the Baden Kriegsverdienstkreuz, since he likely got a Baden decoration but is not in the Zähringer Löwe rolls.

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