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    Chinese Medal France 1914-1918


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    Dear all,

    China provided workers to assist French and England during World War I. As far as France is concerrned, circa 40.000 Chinese workers moved to France between 1916 and 1918 to support its war effort in various industries (factories, harbours, mines, agriculture etc....) as almost all valid French men had to join fighting units. All Chinese workers had a work contract and could not participate to any military action (working in defense industry was common practice though in breach of formal agreements with China). None has ever been involved with actual battle situation. No official French award has ever been issued to commemorate this rather unknown contribution. As far as I can tell, China has not done anything official as well. The only solution left is that of private veterans associations. I am of the opinion that this medal belongs to this unofficial category. 

    Regards to all.


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    To add to the comments of KimKan, The British had almost 100.000 Chinese workers in France, who performed more or less the same duties as KimKan already described. However, as many of the forum members may know already, the British government did award a medal to these Chinese workers; the 1914-1918 war medal in bronze. The rim has the serial number of the worker followed by Chinese L.C. ( Labour Corps ). 


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