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    Russian Labour Corps

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    Single BWM entitled to a pair, Labour Corps, No indication from his MIC as to a specific unit, his SWB spells his name as "Mnatzakanin" he served from the 13 May 1918 to the 29 August 1919. His medals were initially returned and reissued in 1930.

    The BWM was found in a flea market in Nice which is consistent with his history.

    In France, his name was "Georges Constantin Mnatzakanian- he was Armenian- born 12 January 1893 at Tiflis, Georgia. There is a sole mention of him in "Journal Officiel de la Republique: Lois et Decrets" for August 1931- there he is listed as a tailor (of clothing-tailleur d'habits") and in the department of Alpes-Maritimes (hence Nice is no surprise).

    With all research there are imponderables, the biggest is that all of the "Russians" conscripted for service in France were non-naturalised "Russians" domiciled in UK, yet we have no note of him being in the UK? 

    Secondly in February 1918 the Italians suggested that Russians serving in Russian units in France and Salonika be formed under British command and in April 1918 over 500 Russian soldiers joined the British army to form the "Russian Labour Corps", serving in Salonika...it proved to be a failure..I have found one MIC to the "Russian Labour Corps" with a regimental number similar to George.

    I believe he was possibly one of the former Russian soldiers who joined the British army in Salonika but happy for any other thoughts


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