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    Dear forum members,:D

    There are some sites and books about soviet oders and medals

    But there are very few updates and they are mostly Russian, not English

    So I asked to owner of the mondvor site if I could translate it, but they probably do not see the email often...:wacky:

    I'm thinking of creating a reference site based on Paul McDaniel's book! (Of course it's not updated, but it's the most popular, reliable book)

    We're looking for ways to get photos of each type of medal without violating copyright laws.

    It seems to be the best way to get permission from the owners.

    I would appreciate if you let us know an individual or a museum that has many collections and will allow us to use images


    Best regards,


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    I use the Mondvor site often, and since my native language is English I use the Chrome website translator and the results are very good.

    There are a plethora of forums (this one included) that provide for images and information, many of them in English and those in other languages are easily translated in this day and age.

    As for medal images I have a relatively extensive collection and would be happy to be involved with taking photographs of them.  But my time and effort would require some sort of compensation.


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