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  1. If you decide to try it contact "Ferdinand" on this forum. He's a recommended researcher. He's also a neighbor of yours (Holland) if I recall correctly.
  2. Another nice one. Early 1944 award most likely. An original suspension and ribbon shouldn't be too hard to find nor very expensive if you're thinking about restoring it. BTW, in case you didn't know most Soviet awards that have a serial number can be researched by that number which reveals the soldier who won the award and usually the reasons for the award.
  3. Didn't have any luck finding that in my very limited Russia awards library.
  4. Happy to help. Top row, L-R: common, 1980s cap badge. Labor medal, silver, early medals had a serial number, most did not. Bravery medal, silver, many had a serial number (3+ million). Bottom row: Order of Glory, 3rd class, silver, probable original suspension and ribbon, serial number dates it to early to mid 1945, nice one! Combat Service medal, silver, probable original suspension, serial number dates this to late '44/early '45, possible Long Service award, 'shovel tongue' variation. Motherhood medal, 1st class.
  5. Nice. Not an expert on George Crosses but I think this is a good, private purchase GK3. Possibly produced by Dmitry Kuchkin factory. The militia cross has a Soviet screwplate on it.
  6. Very nice. Can I see more images of the militia badge and the George Cross sil vous plait?
  7. Nice score, the Order of Glory especially. Do you need any help with them? What's the reverses look like?
  8. Yeah, that's a nice, earlier piece as BK said. I'd own it and let it develop a nice patina.
  9. They weren't issued as such. They were just placeholders worn until the real award was presented. The wearer was treated (I assume) as a real RKT. Are they considered RKs now? No, although it's debatable. If one could find such an example (EK2 as RK) with 100% undeniable proof of it's authenticity then you could own/display/sell it as an 'EK2 worn as a RK'. But it's still not a RK.
  10. You could show them here. We have some experienced collectors here. http://mondvor.narod.ru/index.htm is a great online reference site. I have access to the site you reference as well.
  11. The tooth cleaning paste has more abrasives in it that the soft nylon bristles of a worn tooth brush does. Although as a coin collector I will agree that any cleaning, other than acetone dips, is a big no-no.
  12. > I got the books. Unfortunately i could just narrow down a possible date. But its nice to have a list for all those numbers. Yeah, I got the same unhappy notice on my two GC4s. What date area did you end up with? Just a wild guess; 1915/'16? BTW, the 'Soviets' sent batches of serial numbered awards out to different units at different times and I think they followed what the Imperial Russians did. So if you find your number close to a few others they might been in the same brigade or regiment (more doubtful) or in the same division or corps (more likely).
  13. There is a book, printed in Russian language of course, that lists the recipients of the George Crosses by serial number. It's a bit hard to find and probably expensive. But, some who own the book will help with names, units and dates if you find the thread on the right Russian militaria forum. Oh, and a lot of the information is lost so don't expect too much.
  14. Thanks! I am trying to find digital images of partisan related documentation to use as a background for an awards display. Thanks for your help, comrade.
  15. Is this an award document for a Partisan Spomenica or is it something else?
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