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  1. I may be wrong but I seem to recall this being described as a 'militia badge'. I would also lean, slightly, towards it being authentic, but it's way out of my main fields of collecting.
  2. Noice! I am considering getting a deep/ultra cameo proof ASE (&/or Maple Leaf.)
  3. Different design/look. And also the patina can help identify.
  4. Haven't bought from him in years but, how shall I say this nicely? His quality control may be a bit lacking. Or at least it was. I only use his site to d/l his auction catalog images for reference.
  5. Thanks mate! Financial branch, eh? Now that's sexy. 😎 💤
  6. OK. Here are some more images: 01) is last night. 1) is this morning in natural light, before cleaning. 3) is this morning in natural light, after a light wash in warm water and dish soap.
  7. Hi Paul, Nice documented set! Since your BM came with an OPM I think I'll display mine the same way. Just need to find a good OMP1 to complete it.
  8. It's been a while since I bought any Yugoslav awards. It's been a while since I bought *anything*. But since I got a new job I needed to get this to fill a hole in my list so here this is; a *very* salty Bravery Medal. I'm not sure how I'm gonna display it; I have a Bravery Order but I'm still unclear where those two will go. Any way, enough talk:
  9. I just got this Order today. Fills in my Labor Order list although I still need a Labor Medal (if anyone has a lead on that common medal please let me know. Anyway... This came with a box and it's award document so I'm very happy. The images were taken at night under electric light so they're not that good. I'll do daylight images if anybody cares. Here we go. Starting with the box. And here is the doc, and the award itself. The document is dated 1976, and the pin is marked 'ZIN'. Two more images; one of the obverse and one of the reverse.
  10. The third bar: 1940s awards on 1960s+ hardware. The second BM ring re-soldering I'm not concerned about. Typical post-war repair, IMO. The wrong, re-ribboning is not a deal-breaker, I've seen it done in the DDR all the time but in the USSR, not so much. But.... IMO this is a legit 1950s/60s/70s bar. Probably.
  11. That first bar is so very basic; CSM, Cascasus, and VoG. But the CSM is numbered, and of course the upgraded ribbon/suspension that is rarely seen in such pristine condition... I've had my chance at the suspension in the past and I regret no buying them when they had no added interest. The second bar.... such lovely, dark patina on those two silver medals. That VoG ribbon, it looks just a very tiny bit off. I don't doubt it much, though.
  12. Very interesting, if legit. Certainly remounted. BM 1944/45, BOH mid1960s, RBoL 1977+. That BM has been cleaned more than any BM I've ever seen. Looks like no traces of red enamel in the letters exists.
  13. Wow! Super envious. Are these any larger than the 2c and 3c awards? Would love to see a side by side image or three.
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