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    More things than I can easily afford. :(
    Soviet and Imperial German ODMs for the most part. DDR and TR as well as Mongolian. I'd like to take the Yugoslavian plunge as well.
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  1. If it's an OPW2 it dates to very late war/very early post war period.
  2. Soviet Military Proficiency Badge, 3rd grade. Late issue.
  3. A remembrance badge; yes, that would be my guess. Certainly not an official badge.
  4. It's what's referred to as an M68 badge; as in instituted in 1968 (replacing the M55). There were/are three grades: basic (as shown here), 'Excellent' and 'Instructor'. Also, there are earlier and later versions of this M68 badge based on minor variations of the airplane on the badge. This version looks to be a later model. edit: added an image of common Soviet para badges. Earlier versions on top, later versions descending.
  5. No. I'm not into research. I've a few higher awards, or early awards, that might be interesting but the outlay for research is something beyond my means at the moment.
  6. Nice. Just watched the video for that. I coulda sworn I had a doc for my medal but I can't find it. Here's my Virgin Lands medal in a display I made with some farming and related awards.
  7. I may be wrong but I seem to recall this being described as a 'militia badge'. I would also lean, slightly, towards it being authentic, but it's way out of my main fields of collecting.
  8. Noice! I am considering getting a deep/ultra cameo proof ASE (&/or Maple Leaf.)
  9. Different design/look. And also the patina can help identify.
  10. Haven't bought from him in years but, how shall I say this nicely? His quality control may be a bit lacking. Or at least it was. I only use his site to d/l his auction catalog images for reference.
  11. Thanks mate! Financial branch, eh? Now that's sexy. 😎 💤
  12. OK. Here are some more images: 01) is last night. 1) is this morning in natural light, before cleaning. 3) is this morning in natural light, after a light wash in warm water and dish soap.
  13. Hi Paul, Nice documented set! Since your BM came with an OPM I think I'll display mine the same way. Just need to find a good OMP1 to complete it.
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