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  1. I agree about conditions. But I'd be more concerned about the possibility of theft. I hope these displays are kept in a very safe place. Very nice work done by OP!
  2. Interesting to note in that 3rd image showing where the (mostly) 20th Century General's collar tabs evolved from. Never knew that.
  3. Yes. And first thing I'd do is check the name on the doc with the entry in Podvignaroda. If that doesn't match then I'd be mostly sure of some skullduggery going on. Also, it depends on the seller. Some are a lot better than others.
  4. Here's a few interesting images from ebay showing different 1c(?) 5 torch versions. First (1 image); one with the early style pin & catch but without a serial number and without evidence of a screwpost! Second (3 images), one with the screwpost and 1k number, an early IKOM screwplate but without the gilding on the wreath! Third (1 image); early pin, sub-2k number, unfilled hole for screwpost, and no maker or content marks! edit: evidence of screwpost removal, and possible maker mark (hard to tell, to the left of the screwpost hole.) Fourth (2 images), two different items; both with gilded wreath, screwpost with later style screwplate, with maker and content marks but without serial numbers! Hope I got the images in order!
  5. Thanks! The pin 'keeper/holder' thing is not very effective. It slides open easily, and by the looks of it it must have taken time and a few extra steps to manufacture and attach to the award body. Not surprised we see so few of these models. And that's the reason I got this one, despite the fact I almost always prefer the original screwpost models. Have you seen any other versions of the reverse of this award beside the screwpost, pin with slide closure (this version), and the rotary pin closure system?
  6. Gentlemen and ladies; I finally got my OoB&U 1c recently and am posting here. There are two other threads for this award: Thread 1: Thread 2: I don't think we have a classification of this grade yet so I call this model (with horizontal double pin and old style catch) a Type 2. Type 1 has the original screwpost and screwplate (perhaps different plates) while the T3 has the double horizontal pin with the later type catch. Was there ever issued a vertical pin, like on the Merit to the People orders? Here are some images of the attachment system. And here are the full obverse and reverse shots. It's hard to see but the reverse is very 'shinney' despite the patina.
  7. Another one I don't have. I did, once, but it turned out to be a Markof fake.
  8. Very nice! The Mother's awards are something I've never acquired despite looking from time to time. Maybe someday I will...
  9. 1. Doesn't bother me. Could be a place-holder or part of a display. Heck, even Cosplay or whatever the kids are doing these days. 2. Not wrong at all if both are aware. Both are my opinion.
  10. What is the weird little finger of the hand holding the flower on these Orders? Every time I see an image of these awards my eyes go to that finger. So weird. IMHO
  11. Yeah, that's exactly what it is; an EK2. RK had the suspension loop parallel to the frame, EK2 loops are perpendicular (see image). That's not to say it wasn't worn that way (as a RK); there were instances of that happening in WW2. But unless there is some seriously solid provenance proving that it's just an EK2
  12. That medal has a very interesting 'ear'. Never seen one as big as that.
  13. My Partisan theme display, just finished today. I added the cap star just to round out the collection. And it somewhat resembles the Partisan Stars, especially in size.
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