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PDRY - "State Order of Excellent Labour"

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I have recently obtained this massive award - it is some 12.5 cm in diameter and of a brass/bronzed base metal. Sadly it is missing its reverse plate - probably a plain circular disc, and much of its supporting chain or collar is also missing. Nonetheless it is quite a piece and as far as I am aware to date undocumented. The inscription reads:

Top - "Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen"

Bottom - "State Order for Excellent Labour"

The motifs on the obverse symbolize the various PDRY means of labour:

  • Smoking stack / lightening - Electricity generation
  • Building - Construction
  • Lobster & Fish - Fishing
  • Ear of Wheat - Agriculture
  • Flaring derrick (?) - Oil
  • Four labourers/workmen bearing on high cogs encircling a star - Socialism and Industry

The links of the chain are made up of base metal 'hawks' being the heraldic 'bird' of the PDRY. The style of the Arabic script (font) is similar to some other Hungarian manufactured PDRY pieces and thus the order may be of Hungarian manufacture. I do not believe it is of Soviet manufacture as it does not have the quality of the PDRY Soviet  mint made awards.

As ever and thought or suggestions are welcome.

Kind regards,





PDRY Labour Obverse.jpg

PDRY Labour Reverse.jpg

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