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    KvK1 w/ swords issued to a Beamten

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    Guest Rick Research

    I do not FIND Rappl, but then my copy of the Secret 1 May 1939 Beamten list has no index. They are arranged there by type and place of duty, by seniority within those categories--not alphabetically. If he was a career administrator and not a war's duration appointment, he should be in there-- ask GlennJ in a couple of weeks.

    Signed by Dr. Adolf Deyrer, born 30 December 1897, Ministerialrat (1.1.38) in OKH Department V2 in May 1939 (page 8 on the Secret List), and per Keilig, Generalintendant 1.5.44 #a5, Wehrkreis XIII.

    An obscure type, I have no more on him at the moment.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Since this was bestowed on 1 September 1944, it was probably a "general list" for the 5th anniversary of the war starting. Rappl likely had held the KVK2X for over 2 years and it was time for something else for him.

    These tended to be awarded to Desk Jockeys on Suitable Occasions-- Hitler's birthday etc etc when it was somebody's Time In for a little something.

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