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    Question about early 1900s Cavalry Uniform - Cap Band colour


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    I am a bit puzzled with the early 1900s Japanese blue uniform for Line Cavalry.

    Most period colored illustrations (Ukiyo-e) shows pattern  as per following Uniform Plates :
    Blue Attila, Red Breeches, green collar and green band on breeches, yellow attila braiding and yellow cap band.

    The above is from Sino-Japanese War ("Our Cavalry Scouts Reconnoitering the Enemy Camp at Fengtienfu", my collection), but period books on the Russo-Japanese War generally say that cap band is red for Imperial Guard, and yellow for rest of the army (except special odd cases, medical and commissariat).

    However, the superb illustration on cover of the Osprey book is showing Cavalry officer in Winter Uniform with green band on blue cap.

    Same green bands depicted in Ritta Nakanishi's "Japanese Military Uniforms 1841-1929" :


    Same book shows next "Divisional Cavalry" (figures 4 and 8) with Yellow Cap Band :


    So I'm puzzled ??

    Was there a change at some point in these years ?
    Is it a difference between divisional and independent division Cavalry ?

    Thanks for clearing that one up !

    Bien cordialement,

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