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  1. Bonsoir, Here is another photo of Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm, in Russian Hussar uniform, from the same sitting as the one, used as basis for one of the "doctored" photos : Jerome.
  2. Bonjour, There are more - with a "discount" for Christmas ! ­čśÇ­čśÇ https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-x-Photos-Leib-Husar-Totenkopf-Leibhusaren-Danzig/373407738964?hash=item56f0d5ec54:g:h5sAAOSwlHdf6JLp Now if you look at the photo to the right (outlined in red), I'm pretty sure that the basis is a CDV of ....Kronprinz Friedrich-Wilhelm, in his uniform as Colonel en Chef of the ... Russian 11th Izyumski Hussars ! (can't find it right now, but a well-known CDV by Levitsky). Heavily doctored to add up a Prussian Pelzm├╝tze and blacken out the cuff braiding. So - fake. (now is an
  3. Following up on this one : this CDV is coming from an early 1860s HR6 regimental album. Whereas there is no identification on the photo, the "Geschichte des K├Ânigl. Preuss. 6. Husaren-Regiments" gives us at least a "suspect" : "Gefecht von Wei├čenfels den 12. September. (Nota : 1813) Die Avantgarde des Corps r├╝ckte bis Wei├čenfels. Dieses wurde mit Anbruch des 12. angegriffen. Der zahlreiche Feind vertheidigte sich schwach und verlie├č um 10 Uhr die Stadt. Die Thore waren verrammelt. Husaren sa├čen ab und ├Âffneten sie. Die Franzosen wurden nun herausgejagt und mit einigen Escadrons bis
  4. Bonjour Cowboy, Below my impression, as a photo collector, of the scans you're showing. It is a bit chancy to take conclusions without seeing the physical material piece, but here I'll take my chances. Interesting to note, the cardboard backing of the CDV appears to be quite thick - as was typical of CDVs of a "later" era than when a Veteran would have been photographed (1880s-1890s). Craton used in the 1860s was generally very thin. It may be an optical effect of your scan - but this is corroborrated by the photographer - noted as active c.1881 in New Jersey : http://
  5. Bonjour Numis, "FAVA (Tomaso-Toscano), capitaine de la go├źlette toscane l'Alberico; ANDRIEUX (Maur-Antoine), ma├«tre de port ├á B├┤ne ; BOSQUE (Jean-Andr├ę), matelot de 1re classe ; et LARRIEU (Pierre), premier canonnier au 5e r├ęgiment d'artillerie ├á Oran. Ces quatre individus ont fait des efforts courageux, lors de la temp├¬te qui a ├ęclat├ę dans la nuit du 11 au 12 avril 1839 sur le littoral des possessions fran├žaises du nord de l'Afrique, pour porter des secours aux navigateurs dont les navires ont ├ęt├ę bris├ęs sur la c├┤te. M├ędaille d'argent ├á chacun d'eux, le 25 juillet 1839." S
  6. Bonjour, Well it even seems that the 3 photos are showing the same "Model", with different types of false moustaches/beards... Definitely dodgy sales - someone will get badly burnt.. (well, IF there is actually a real bidder in these auctions !) Jerome
  7. Bonjour, I am a bit puzzled with the early 1900s Japanese blue uniform for Line Cavalry. Most period colored illustrations (Ukiyo-e) shows pattern as per following Uniform Plates : Blue Attila, Red Breeches, green collar and green band on breeches, yellow attila braiding and yellow cap band. The above is from Sino-Japanese War ("Our Cavalry Scouts Reconnoitering the Enemy Camp at Fengtienfu", my collection), but period books on the Russo-Japanese War generally say that cap band is red for Imperial Guard, and yellow for rest of the army (except special odd cases, medical a
  8. Great pics, sweet ! The Lieutenant-Colonel is Eug├Ęne-Isidore Pinet. He went to Mexico as a Sergent in the 95e de Ligne, sailing on 23 August 1862. He was promoted a Sous-Lieutenant in the R├ęgiment Etranger on 5 April 1865. He left Mexico in 1867, sailing back to Algeria, where he landed on 17 April. (Much !) later, he joined 55e de Ligne as a Lieutenant-Colonel, on 11 October 1894. Cheers ! Jerome
  9. Djedj

    Hussars Dolman

    Bonsoir Dave, The stamp you are showing seems to be saying "COSTUMIER" or "COSTUMIERE". The design of the Domans certainly looks like pre-1830 (probably Napoleonic) ; but from the photos, the pieces don't look to be period - I'd venture costumes for theatre (or cinema). Such repro uniforms have been around since at least mid-XIXth century. Rgds, Jerome
  10. My pleasure Jim. As it stands, the Crimea medal is correct with its "Sebastopol" clasp. Bien cordialement, J├ęr├┤me
  11. bonjour, Looks like the L├ęgion d'honneur was hard-earnt too ; the 1862 decree states : "Meneboode (Beno├«t-Charles-Henri) , lieutenant au quatre-vingt-onzi├Ęme r├ęgiment d'infanterie de ligne; vingt ans de service effectif, 8 campagnes, 3 blessures." (20 years service, 8 campaigns, 3 wounds) 91e de Ligne was the old 16e L├ęger ; and it seems to have been a family affair, as the 1852 Annuaire Militaire shows a MENEBOODE as "Capitaine d'Habillement" au 16e L├ęger - his uncle as it seems from a genealogical website... Beno├«t-Charles-Henry MENEBOODE was a Sergent-Major in the 5e Compagnie of the 1er Ba
  12. Hi gents, sorry I cannot get anything more detailed for the Cross ; but a badge looks possible indeed. Thomas, Thanks for this photo - very nice ! And... introducing another old Vet'.. Photo re-cut to fit in a 1860s album ; no photographer's d├ętails whatsoever. I love the colouring ! Salutations, J├ęr├┤me
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