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    Red Star # 850101 radio operator of minesweeper Black sea fleet

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    A nice little catch - Red Star warded to radio section leader of minesweeper "Areseny Rasskin", Balck sea fleetю
    Master Sergeant I class KUZNETSOV NIKOLAY PETROVICH, 1919. 



    Citation is written 18 August 1944.
    It is nicely depicts the operational history of the minesweeper T-412 "Areseny Rasskin":

    "During the Great Patriotic war, he proved himself as courageous, steadfast, highly disciplined, and technically skilful master sergeant. 
    He took part in all missions of the ship since the first days of the war. Participated in Feodosia operation in 1941 and Sudak operation in 1942. Participated in all the missions for resupplying Soviet Army unit with arms and provision in heroic Sevastopol.
    Participated in the skirmish operations at Rumanian coast and destruction of the enemy convoy. Participant of the landing operations at Ozereika, Stanichka, and Solenoe lake.
    In all these engagements, master sergeant I class KUZNETSOV proved himself as excellent specialist and provided the ship with uninterrupted communication channel.
    His hardware equipment is always in excellent shape. He skillfully and selflessly performed his duty under any circumstances.
    There has been no failures of the equipment under his supervision during the period of the war. With his selfless and exceptionally hard work, he aided successful fulfilment of the combat objectives given by the Command. During the submarine rescue mission on 24-25 February 1944, in heavy storm, master sergeant I class KUZTNETSOV personally provided uninterrupted communication to the flagship and the home base. 
    For selfless and exceptionally hard work, for providing excellent communication to the ship during combat operations, for personal courage in the struggle against the German invaders, master sergeant I class KUZNETSOV is worthy of "Red Star" order."



    Some photos of the minesweeper T-412 "Areseny Rasskin"





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    Some comments on the operation mentioned in the citation. 
    "landing operations at Ozereika, Stanichka" were the landing operations taking place 3-9 February 1943. Their objectives were to capture and expand bridge head and subsequently encircling the German forces in the port town Novorossiysk. 
    Ozereika was the primary landing zone. Stanichka was a diversion action. But the event didn't envelop according to the plan. A number of mishaps happened so, that the main landing force was redirected to Stanichka and landed there. Later the expanded bridge head was held for 225 days. It's name was coined by Leonid BREZHNEV as "Malaya Zemlya" - "Minor Land". But during the war it was rather called "Cape Myskhako landing".
    The minesweeper T-412 "Areseny Rasskin" was assigned to the ill-fated Ozereika landing detachment. It towed the floating barge #6 carrying troops and a number of Stuart tanks. Several times the tow rope was broke due to stormy weather and fixing time caused T-412 minesweeper to be delayed. As the result it came later to the landing zone. The barges were towed to the shore by small tow boat, not minesweepers. The barge #6 reached the shore under heavy fire at 05:50 and landing commenced immediately. Soon after the barge, like two other landing pages were set ablaze and destroyed.
    Then among other many mishaps of the operation, maybe the worst, happened. The landing force commander reported that the landing failed and order retreat. This is despite the fact that some landed unit had certain success and needed reinforcement. Instead, trying to avoid further losses, the commander ordered retreat. The mistake was caused lack of communication with the landing force and poor visibility. 
    The remained troops of the second landing wave were redirected to the Stanichka zone instead. The minesweeper "Areseny Rasskin" transported reinforcements (165 rifle brigade) to Stanichka on 6 February. 
    The troops at Ozereika had initially won the landing egangement and manage to advance 4km into the land, but without resupplies and communication were overcome by the German-Rumanian reinforcements. 


    Landing zones location:


    Ozereika landing zone:  




    The aftermath..



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