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    oberst HEINRICH BECKER DKiG holder

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    looking for info about this officer. mainly concerning his awards as I own a tunic from him and would like to display it properly.

    all info I have is this ...

     31.01.1895:  Born  in Altona

    01.04.1938:  Major

    01.04.1941:  Oberstleutnant

    01.10.1942: Oberst

    04.08.1943: Died as a resultant of wounds sustained in combat

    Service Details

    2.10.1937 - 05.10.1942: Commander Pz.Abw.Abt.2 (Stettin). This unit was part of the 12th Panzer Division.  Becker won the DKiG 22.11.41 as an Oberstleutnant  during Operation Barbarossa.

    15.03.1943 - 31.03.1943:  Commander Pz.Reg.2 (16.PzDv)

    01.04.1943 - 04.08.1943:  Commander Pz.Reg.27 (19.PzDv)

    04.08.1943 bei Tomarowka (gefallen)/Operation Zitadelle/Battle of Kursk.

    the tunic features, taking aside the 1914 EK1 and the 1939 clasp, three pair of loops. I know one pair is for the WWI silver wound badge. the other 2 remaining, would guess that one of them is for the allgemeines strumabzeichen as he was commander of a panzerabwehr unit for a long time ... It makes sense. so, a pair of loops are waiting ...

    concerning his ribbon bar, the length of loops need minimum a 9 places bar. I just can asure that 1914 EK2, ostmedaille and WWI hindenburg cross are in. perhaps, as born in altona, a hanseatic from hamburg it's possible. 2 ribbons from long service awards are possible too. if these are correct, it needs (at least) 3 extra ribbons to finnish the bar.

    anyway, I just can speculate with. perhaps I'm lucky and a fellow member of this forum has a database or just the info I need to display the tunic as it deserves. 

    advanced thanks for kind cooperation.

    enclosed comes a pic from the tunic and a pic of him with panzer wrap in field.



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