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  1. looking for info about this officer. mainly concerning his awards as I own a tunic from him and would like to display it properly. all info I have is this ... 31.01.1895: Born in Altona 01.04.1938: Major 01.04.1941: Oberstleutnant 01.10.1942: Oberst 04.08.1943: Died as a resultant of wounds sustained in combat Service Details 2.10.1937 - 05.10.1942: Commander Pz.Abw.Abt.2 (Stettin). This unit was part of the 12th Panzer Division. Becker won the DKiG 22.11.41 as an Oberstleutnant during Operation Barbarossa. 15.03.1943 - 31.03.1943: Commander
  2. and what about this one??? ....
  3. perhaps I have the chance to purchase a H ritterkreuz with swords + case + outer carton. this last hard worn and not in the best condition but is there at least. which would be a honest price for the set??
  4. General der Infanterie Friedrich Mieth Born: 04.06.1888 in Eberswalde / Kreis Oberbarnim / Mark Brandenburg. Killed in Action: 02.09.1944 in Hussj near Jassy (Carpathians), Romania. DKiG + RK + EL
  5. back is not hollow. to mee, details are not so good as others originals compared. also, main problem is the metal remaining between the eagle and the motto ring. sold at ebay for more than 700 euros
  6. I've read something about this award and seems a very rare to find one. I've found one medal bar for sale including this award. I compared with some originals I found out there and IMO it's a fake. let me know your thoughts. best close up I got ...
  7. yes. I agree concerning weitze. I understand by you reply that weitze's one is a fake. not even a copy from the 30's for everyday use ... does these private purchase awards from the 30's exist??
  8. hi there! as told previously I'm new in imperial collecting. reading a lot all around to learn as it seems to be a faked field as TR items are. looking around for a PLM award. I'm not interested in the more expensives ones, mainly because I can't afford them. but I read about 30's made replacement awards. they seem affordable to me but I'm aware of the large amount of copies. where can I get info about these last? what do you think about this one?? https://www.weitze.net/militaria/03/Preussen_Orden_Pour_le_M_eacute_rite__296303.html
  9. IMHO is an original ribbon bar. but, following richard's thoughts about device's originality, perhaps its device was broken or lost and a previous collector added this one ...
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