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    The Atlantic Star.

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    While the UK authorities, unlike India and Australia, did not issue named WWII medals, apparently Boots the Chemist would add naming for a modest charge.  I don't know what font or naming conventions they used - probably just engraved whatever the veteran asked for -  but the naming on this looks very like the WWI style of lettering. 

    So, I'd say there is a reasonable chance that this is a legitimate award, privately named after issue.

    I offer the information below 'without prejudice',  as the legal johnnies say.  Now idea whether any or all of the references are to the same man or not.

    London Gazette, 6 DEC 19149,  28 Feb 1956 and Chaucer Auctions, Nov 2017

    6 Dec 1949.JPG

    28 Feb 1956.JPG


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    You do not say if you own the campaign star.

    The above notwithstanding, I would avoid this particular 'faked' medal like the plague.

    I can only see one C.E. McCormac who served as an officer with the RAF in WW2 - and his autobigraphical book 'You'll Die in Singapore' will likely clarify his entire Second World War services.

    The star itself may be an original medal - but subsequently named up. As another member has mentioned, the naming is private, but in this case the naming on this particualr medal has certainly not been done by the recipient!

    Some years ago, a faker / fantasist, with a particular interest in mostly WW2 'Pacifc War' theatre subjects was churning out 'privately' named medals that had been faked to show 'famous' well known medal recipients (as in the case of the medal you have posted - see Paul Brickhill's book titled 'Escape or Die' (numerous editions)), or to rare, and or 'Fantasy' units like Solomon  Scouts - and even bizarre sightings of medals to 'Hong Kong Scouts' (?)

    The medals being 'faked', were actually original un-named medals - usually campaign stars - and the GSM 1918 GVI issue with clasps for 'S.E. Asia 1945-46'.

    The faker's medals still turn up in 2019 - as your example shows.

    If you are thinking to buy the medal offered, you might first want to ask the vendor for 'substantive' provenance.

    As information.









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    Information worth having, Indeed.  Thanks, Aberdeen.  I did wonder, on further reflection whether the chap promoted in 1956 was a different man from the escaper, who was a Squadron Leader, but the fact that there is a faker/fantasist out there with an interest in the second fellow's area makes it a safe bet that this medal has been 'improved' at a later date, with or without intent to deceive.  

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    Below attached is one of the fakers typical 'fantasy' groups that has appeared variously on the market over the years.

    The group has 5 x original medals all unofficially impressed in the same style as the 'Atlantic Star' shown in the opening post.

    It is named up to Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant R. F. Jackson, 1st Fiji Infantry Regiment, and comprises;

    - The 1939-45 Star; The  Pacific Star; Defence and War Medals; General Service 1918-62, 1 clasp, S.E. Asia 1945-46

    This group has twice been sold at DNW public Auction, firstly per Lot 1513 on 25 March 2014, wrongly catalogued as all medals 'Officially Impressed' , when it sold for GBP 440 hammer. The offending group then appeared again at DNW per Lot 660 on 12 May 2015, this time correctly described as all medals with  'Unofficially Impressed Naming', when it hammered by contrast for a much lower price of GBP 160.

    As information




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