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    Socialist Republic of Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Order


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    Hi All,

    I am adding SRV pages to my website, and I had some questions from the SRV collectors out there :

    1. Does anyone have any other modern type pictures ?

    2. I have come across 3 types reproductions of this order.  Does anyone have any other different copy types or have any others with fake numbers ?  (same or other numbers) Or when they starting seeing these on the market ? Or who has been making them ?

    3. Does anyone know of recipients lists ?

    4. Does anyone have any other early DRV-type pictures, or any people wearing other than Giap ?   Or know which museums these pictures are from ?

    5. Does anyone have additional references for this order ?

    The draft page is here: http://www.indochinamedals.com/srv/o-02_ho_chi_minh_order.html



    Copy with number.JPG

    other copies.JPG

    early version.JPG

    early version pic.JPG


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