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Transkei Police medals photo's wanted

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Hi, I'm looking for good photo's (obverse and reverse) of the following Transkei Police medals.

TP Decoration for Distinguished Service

Insignia: A five-pointed rayed gold star displaying the Transkei arms on a blue roundel (obverse) and the words "Inkonzo eQaqambilileyo - For Distinguished Service - Vir Voortreflike Diens" (reverse).

TP Cross for Bravery


ALSO INFO Needed !


TP Gallantry Cross

Insignia: A five-armed gold cross, enamelled brown (ochre), displaying the head of the Transkei Legislative Assembly mace on a five-pointed star (obverse) and the words "Yenjkalipho - For Gallantry - Vir Dapperheid" (reverse).

TP Medal for Combating Terrorism

Insignia: A circular medal displaying a star-cross on two crossed assegais (obverse) and the Transkei coat of arms (reverse).

TP Faithful Service Medal (35 Years) (1985-94)
For 35 years service

Insignia: A circular silver medal displaying the Transkei coat of arms (obverse), and the head of the Transkei parliamentary mace with "Yenkonzo Ethobekileyo - Vir Troue Diens - For Faithful Service" (reverse).

TP Medal for Faithful Service: Silver (1976-85)
For 30 years service.

Insignia: Same as the 35-year medal but in silver.

TP Faithful Service Medal (20 years) (1985-94)
For 20 years service

Insignia: Same as the 35-year medal. but in silver.

Thank you for your help.

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