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    Cuban FAR belt buckle information FYI

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    I recently acquired several Soviet made Cuban FAR belt buckles from a former resident of the USSR.

    He found them in an abandoned military base in Belarus. It has been a jump school along with other still classified areas of study.

    He advised me that in the 1980's Cuban officers would come to this base for "special training" and were give these buckles by the Russian cadre.

    They are  made in the same manner as the Cuban buckles of the day, a zinc coated steel. The tongue is marked with a Cyrillic  makers mark that looks like a palm tree.  Painted with an almost indestructible grey paint on the back.

    Hope this helps clear up some questions.



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    Here is a picture of one of these belts that sold on the South African auction site Bid or Buy.

    It was a bring back from the Angolan Bush War.


    Even though the above buckle is the standard Cuban shield I wanted to show that the canvas buckles were being used in the border war,

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