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Wessel Gordon

British Army General Rank Insignia Spacing

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I am busy finalizing my various medal collections (UK, US and SANDF) and want to display them with the rank insignia of a high ranking officer of each military I have. i already have the four star insignia of a US general (four stars attached to a bar so it forms one piece) as well as a SANDF full colononel's shoulder boards. On E-Bay I am able to get the swords, ''pips'' and crowns of a British general as a set but as separate pieces.


My question is: if I attach it to a piece of cloth for display purposes is there a regulation distance that has to separate each of the three?

As mentioned the US insignia is one piece so it's fairly safe to assume the stars are spaced at US Army regulation intervals while the SADF colonel's insignia is mounted on shoulder boards so once again I assume SADF spacing regulations was followed when the shoulder boards was manufactured.


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