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Compiling your own ribbon rack...difficult or not?

Wessel Gordon

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I recently received my first order of 6 ribbons of which I own either the full size or miniature US medal. I also own a copy of the MOH with a lapel pin and ribbon bar with a brooch pin back. After ordering the 6 ribbons I bought 19 more US miniatures of which I also want to buy the ribbons.

My question is: if I buy the ribbons loose with a ribbon rack and compile the rack myself how difficult is that going to be? Is it possible to do it yourself or is it best left to a professional?

I'm medically unfit for work so having time to do it (and re-do it if needed) isn't the issue and thanks to several sites on the internet figuring out the order of precedence isn't going to be a major headache.

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The ribbon rack is generally a "slip the ribbon on and slide it into position" proposition-- not at all difficult, though you will have real problems with the pin-back ribbons. Anything current issue should slide on just fine.  But, different sizes of ribbons in the past, so some WWI and WWII ones won't fit well.

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