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Dates of Indian Regiments in Aden from 1897 & 1898

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I am missing the dates of two Indian infantry regiments that served in Aden in 1897 and 1898.

This information is to update my third edition of the Armed Forces of Aden 1839-1967, which will be republished in a new format with a little new information but within the glossy pages of the series called Middle East @ War.  This will be my 4th book in that series, the other two being UAE, Oman, and the third is about Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar which hopefully comes out at the end of next year. The Aden book will come out not long after - at least that is the plan!

1882-1883 22 Bombay Inf.
1884-1885 4 Bombay Rifles.
1886-1887 9 Bombay Inf.
1888-1889 3 Bombay Light Inf.
1890-1891 17 Bombay Inf.
1892-1893 16 Bombay Inf.
1894-1896 13 Bombay Inf.
1899 10 Bombay Light Inf.
1900 5 Bombay Inf.
1901 1 Grenadier Bombay Inf.
This continued up until about 1928
As you can see there are a couple of gaps.
BRgds Quicksilver aka Cliff Lord

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