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Kwazulu Correctional Services


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Hi, I was wondering if someone could confirm my thinking concerning these 2 medals.

KZCS Star for Merit – Officers (SPM) (1990-94/1990-1996)

KZCS Medal for Merit (1991-94/1991-1996)

Insignia: A circular silver medal displaying a traditional head-ring within a wreath of leaves (obverse) and the KwaZulu coat of arms (reverse).

Clip_9.jpg.8b3f9526142b59eec5451cc3ca3a2fd7.jpgClip_10.jpg.eec4408c4249c69c8dd410ff7e59514b.jpg    Clip_8.jpg.b6519305272d9ec34d35c4e4f1b3508c.jpg


Ignore the ribbons, more than likely the wrong ones.

It's the medals that are the subject, almost identical except for the star !

My thinking is, that the one with the star is the Star for Merit-Officers and the one without the star the medal for Merit AND not 2 versions of the same (2nd) medal.

Can anyone confirm if I'm right/wrong, and if wrong, does anyone have a explanation for the Star.

Also, a picture of the Star for Merit-Officers would be helpfull.

With thanks, Marcon1.


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