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Kuhl, Claus

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Claus KUHL (18.8.1898, Karlsburg / 25.2.1952, Eisenthal)

DKiS, 22.3.43

des Heeres:

8.12.44   Oberst, Stab 365. Infanterie Division

1.3.45 Generalmajor, Kdr. 365. Infanterie Division.

365. Inf.Div. was created in Wehrkreis V 10.3.40 from Landwehr units, and disbanded 1.8.40. 

Became Oberfeldkommandantur 365 (OFK 365) in Lemberg / Galizien (Western Ukraine).

Revived as Stab 365 Inf.Div. late 1944 (Dec.?) and recreated as 365. Inf.Div. per 1.3.45., with a mixture of Heeres and Luftwaffe (ground) troops.

Withdrew into Hungary, Budapest & Komorn area.





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It is Kühl, with the Umlaut.

From 1938 to 16.07.1940, he was on the General Staff of the 4. Infanterie-Division. From 21.09.1940 with effect from 25.09.1940 to 01.09.1943 he was Oberquartiermeister of XXI.Armeekorps. From 17.12.1943 to 31.8.1944, he commanded Grenadier-Regiment 145. On 26.10.1944, he was tasked with the temporary leadership (m.d.stv.F.b.) of the 365.Infanterie-Division, on 10.12.1944 tasked with the leadership (md.F.b.) of the division, and finally on 01.03.1945 with his promotion to Generalmajor named commander of the division.

Besides the Deutsches Kreuz in Silber, he was also named in the Ehrenblatt des deutschen Heeres on 20.07.1944.

Here is an earlier example of his signature. It changed a little bit over 20 + years. 


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Hello Forum.

Does anybody have his WW1 list of awards and the awarding dates?



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