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    I take a general interest in orders, medals, decorations, uniforms, insignia of: The Netherlands; Germany & German States 1800-1950; Great-Britain 1800-1950; Belgium 1830-1950; France 1800-1950; USA 1900-1950.
    Also I collect images (photos, postcards, prints, other documents) related to the above; German award documents (Besitzzeugnis & Urkunde); French campaign medals.
    Main projects:
    Germany and NS Organisations between the wars - in particular Reichsarbeitsdienst (FAD, RAD, RADwJ); HJ.
    German Sailing Training Ships & Kriegsmarine in general.
    Dutch Colonial Army and Navy.
    Royal Navy & Scots Guards.

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  1. The photo numbered 733 is from my collection. It shows sailors of the German raider SMS Wolf in World War 1. I think that the men in the other photo are wearing the general sailors'hat with the white top. The all white Bordmütze, to my knowledge, was no longer used from the mid-1930s, but here is a fine example from the days of the Reichsmarine, pre 1930 (when the lettering changed to Fraktur script). This type of hat can be recognized because below the tally, the white material of the hat is always visible.
  2. Claus KUHL (18.8.1898, Karlsburg / 25.2.1952, Eisenthal) DKiS, 22.3.43 des Heeres: 8.12.44 Oberst, Stab 365. Infanterie Division 1.3.45 Generalmajor, Kdr. 365. Infanterie Division. 365. Inf.Div. was created in Wehrkreis V 10.3.40 from Landwehr units, and disbanded 1.8.40. Became Oberfeldkommandantur 365 (OFK 365) in Lemberg / Galizien (Western Ukraine). Revived as Stab 365 Inf.Div. late 1944 (Dec.?) and recreated as 365. Inf.Div. per 1.3.45., with a mixture of Heeres and Luftwaffe (ground) troops. Withdrew into Hungary, Budapest & Komorn area.
  3. Alfred FLEISCHER (16.3.1895, Hildesheim / 11.6.1978, Hildesheim) der Luftwaffe: 1.6.40 Oberstleutnant & Kdt. Koflug Schleswig (Stamp: Flughafenbereichskommando Schleswig) 1.2.40 Oberst
  4. Another (very large size) colourized portrait with the tally Panzerschiff Admiral Scheer Nice one Morten!
  5. Another set of shoulderboards: VI. Marine-Artillerie-Abteilung [6th Naval (Coastal) Artillery Battalion], stationed in Emden. This type of shoulder boards were used until 26-08-1939.
  6. There are few candidates... Souchon, Ehrhard Schmidt, Reinhard Koch, Guido von Usedom, Günther von Krosigk, Gustav Bachmann - but of these only Von Usedom, Von Krosigh, and Bachmann show a slight facial resemblance.
  7. Considering the bundle of neck decorations, I would think of Franz von Hipper, but he died in 1932... I cannot find any other full Admiral with so many neck decorations
  8. Apart from the State of Israel, which did not exist at te time, the only country with a 6-pointed phaleristic device I can think of is Morocco.
  9. Not KM but nearly. One of the crew of M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff (April 1938), wearing a black silk tally with yellow lettering "M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff". She was one of a fleet of holiday ships, owned and charterd by the German Labour Front (D.A.F.) section "Kraft durch Freude" (Strength through Joy). The ships were taken into military service in September 1939 as hospital ships, and accomodation ships for U-boat training units in the German Baltic harbours.
  10. U-Bootsabwehrschule (Submarine-Defence School), Postal stamp April 1936)
  11. Marinenachrichtenschule (Naval Communications School) The school was in Kiel-Mürwik and counted 4 school companies, the 1st, 3rd and 4th were Funk (Wireless) and the 2nd was Signal (Visual signalling)
  12. Here is another, similar, pullover as worn by a ship's cook on a Vorpostenboot
  13. Very nice, Morten. He is wearing a civilian type of fishermen's pullover, the official issue winter blue pullover did not close with buttons. But on board of a small vessel no one cared much about such things.
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