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Interesting WW1 Saxony Militarpass, possible Jager ?

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 Hello Gents, I sincerely hope everyone here is well & safe, & hopefully remain that way ! I'm not sure if this is the designated Forum for my query, but if not, I apologize. 

      I've recently obtained a very nice, well filled out Imperial German Militarpass, to what I initially thought belonged to a Saxon Jager Soldat, & later Gefreiter. Someone I know was kind enough to translate some of its entries, & although the book's cover is ink stamped to the Saxon Jager Battalion, he feels that the guy more likely served primarily with the 133d & 134th Infantry Regiments, & later with 133d Infantry's 1st M.G. Company. He was twice WIA, & had subsequent hospitalizations after each. From what's recorded in the book, this young Soldier apparently saw quite a bit of combat !! What I'm really trying to discern is which Division was each of his Infantry Regiment's assigned to ? I'm also enclosing the 6 scans I have, in the event that someone may be able to decipher any of them. I would just love to create a overview & memorial of this Soldier's 'Great War' Service, but won't be able to until I can translate more of the dates & event contained within. I'd be most appreciative for any information I may receive regarding this interesting Militarpass.

   .  Mm..THANK YOU Folks,


           Best,   Dom P. / dpast32@aol.com









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