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    Identity Early Cold War Military / Police Binoculars

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    Hello Gents,   Today's query concerns a beautiful little 6x30  [ or possibly 8x30 ] set of Binoculars that I picked up about 20 years ago. I knew the nomenclature markings were some variant of East European, & that they appeared to be of superior quality. They're definitely either Military or Para Military issue, as they possess an integral 'Range Finder' Reticle on one of their lens. ( Perfect if I ever need to call in Artillery fire on the neighbors. ) As far as I've been able to determine, the logo indicates issue to, or property of, 'People's Militia' Force, or some similar organization. They came in an excellent quality leather case, & I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were of Carl Zeiss manufacture. I'd love to know their relative date of manufacture, who made them, & if possible, to whom they were issued, or used by ? AS ALWAYS, any & all replies will be deeply appreciated !! THANK YOU Gents,

             Best,   Dom P.  /  dpast32@aol.com


    P.S.: I apologize for the scans being somewhat askew, as I'm finally managing to at least get them posted ! 






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    Good Morning Gentleman, As  I was looking for for a pair of Binoculars yesterday for something, & I happened across this particular set,which I never was able to document, other than some speculation on my part. Other than 'thinking' the nomenclature observed on them 'appears' to indicate their being of Hungarian origin, perhaps from the 1950's - 1960's era ? Based upon a 'Google' search, the lettering appears to 'possibly' refer to some form of either National Guard, Territorial Army, or Militia issue, although I can not definitively say for certain.  I can state that they do appear to be of superior quality, exhibiting exceptionally clear lenses, which 'may' possibility indicate East German manufacture, although I find no markings indicating such. I would truly LOVE to gain an idea as to where, or by whom they were manufactured, the Agency who had, or may have used / issued them, along with of course their dates of production, & era of issue ? Other than the observed Markings, one of the lenses has an 'Range Finder', which of course would indicate the necessity of calling in artillery fire. Soooo, if anyone could please tell me anything about this elusive pair of Binoculars, I will be extremely appreciative !! THANK YOU !!


                          Best,     dpast32

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