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Soviet Medal Group No 5

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just thought I would share todays effort of mounting another group, this one a little different seems was awarded 2 x red stars for the same action




A.     Information card  

        Order Booklet No

1.      Last name : Bobir


2.      Name and patronymic: Anatoliy Porfirovich


3.      Rank: Guards Senior Sergeant


4.      Sex: Male


5.      Birth year: 1925


6.      Birth place: Zaparozhye Region, New – Volgn Region, Orehavka Village


7.      Party membership: Party member since  April 1944


8.      Education:  Elementary


9.      Nationality: Ukrainian


10.  Joined red army: Since August 1943


11.  Place of service and duty position at time of awarding: 1040th Rifle Regiment, 295th Rifle Division, Commander of Machine Gun Squad


12.  Place of service at current time: 180th Guards Rifle Regiment, 60th Guards Rifle Division, Commander of Automotive Branch


13.  Home address: Zaparozhye Region, New – Volgn Region, Orehavka Village


14.  Awards


Name of orders and medals


Numbers of awards


Numbers of documents


Reason for the award


Bravery Medal


Temp certificate

A 629328

Order 1040th Regt

N 08/n  13.02.1945

Order of the

 Red Star


3 - 810956

Order 295 Div

N 057  21.05.1945

Medal for Victory over Germany



G 0213447

Decree 09.05.1946

Medal for Capture of Berlin



A 211175

Decree 09.06.1945

Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw



A 219583

Decree 09.06.1945

Order of the

 Red Star


3 - 810956

Order 295th Regt

N 057  21.05 .1945


Awarded two red stars for the same action



Presented for award with the Order "Red Star"

Award sheet

1.      Last name, name and patronymic : Bobir, Anatoliy Porfirovich


2.      Rank : Sergeant


3.      Duty position and Unit: Commander of a machine gun crew,  Machine Gun Company, 1040th Rifle Pomeransky Regiment "Kutuzov", 95th Rifle Division


4.      Birth year: 1925


5.      Nationality: Ukrainian


6.      Party membership: member of the Leninist Communist Youth League since 1944


7.      In combat: Didn't participate in the Civil War and the subsequent military operations for the defense of the USSR. Participated in the Great Patriotic War starting May 1943.


8.      Wounds of Contusions: None


9.      In Red Army: April 28, 1943


10.   Inducted by: Novo-Vasilievsky DMC, Zaporozhsky Region

11.   Earlier Awards: Medal "FOR BRAVERY", order #06/N  of the 1040th Rifle Regiment of 02/13/45

12.   Permanent address: Zaporozhsky Region, Novo-Vasilievsky District, Village of Orehavka; Mother: BOBYR Meria Germogenovna

Short, specific presentation of the personal military feat or achievement:

During the battles for the approach to Berlin, as a commander of a machine gun crew, Comrade BOBYR together with his crew occupied the most important positions and with a powerful fire supported the attacking infantry and facilitated their successful advancement. During these operations, he demolished more than 15 German soldiers.

                              Comrade BOBIR merits the government award of Order "RED STAR".



15 May 1945

Awarded with the Order "RED STAR" on the basis at the order #054/N of the 295th Rifle

Herson Red Banner Division "Suvorov" of 21 May 1945.

Director of the Personnel Division of the 295th Rifle Herson Red Banner Division "Suvorov",

Major B. Turzhansky

21 May 1945






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