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    Help to ID K J cap badge(?)

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    Picked this up in a large group of assorted pins and badges.

    Was able to determine it was Kingdom or Jugoslavia but that was it.

    it measures about 1 1/4" by 1 3/8"

    It is non magnetic.

    Does anyone know the time period it was used and where it would have been worn and by whom?

    Thank you very much in advance.





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    I'm also curious as to why you believe it it be from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia? Even Though I would need a clearer image to see better the fact that the badge has the Pillars of Hercules points more towards Spain or South/Central America

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    Unless someone recognizes the badge offhand it would be good to have a sharp image of the crest or describe it.

    It looks like on the bottom there is a K and J with a rose in between (is it a rose?) Top is there an A in the center or an Eye of Providence? what is on the top left and right and in the center of the crest?  

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    At the top center of the crest is a 5 pointed stat with rays projecting out.

    At the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions there appears to be a small crown.

    Along the bottom there is K, a stemmed rose, and a J.

    On the left pillar are the letters "plus" and on the right pillar the letters "ultra"

    I found a picture of basically the same crest on line unidentified also.


    Except mine has the crown above the eagles heads.

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    OK, so the badge is Peruvian. Probably a crest of the city of Lima. 

    I found the zippo lighter from the above image and it shows the crest of Peru with a peruvian lady on the opposite side. 



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