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    Hello Gentlemen,

    I had the occasion to visit a friend in Copenhagen in June 2018. 

    This person is in charge of the mounting of medal bar for the Danish Armed Forces. Randomly that same day, an NCO came to pick up this medal bar.

    I had already seen the medal for the Funeral of Prince Hendrik, on the web site of the Royal House, but it was the first time I had the occasion to see one, with my eyes. I kindly asked this person, if I could take photos, and he agreed. So, here they are. He later explained me, that he was one of the men in charge from carrying the coffin.

    Prince Hendrik died on 13 February 2018, and his Funeral were held on 20 February 2018.

    The medal is 28 Millimeters in Diameter, and it was awarded on 11 June 2018 (the day of the Birthday of Prince Hendrik).

    The medal official abbreviation is Pr.H.Mm.

    The quality of the medal is superb (as ever with danish medal).

    I just checked now, and I was in Copenhague from 19 to 21 June 2018. Couldn't have been a best time.

    Regards to all.


    Denmark Group to NCO Funeral Prince Henrik obverse.jpeg

    Denmark Group to NCO Funeral Prince Henrik obverse close up.jpeg

    Denmark Group to NCO Funeral Prince Henrik reverse.jpeg

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    I choose to add 2 photo from the funeral. The 1st one, in the Church, (the Royal House of Denmark shall be credited for this photo.

    The 2nd photo, with Danish Guard Carrying the Coffin of Prince Hendrik ; Getty Images shall be credited.

    Regards to all.



    Denmark Prince Henrik Funeral 20 feb 2018 1.jpg

    Denmark Prince Hendrik Funeral 20 Feb 2018 2.png

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