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I have recently acquired the below set of miniatures attributed to Fournage. In common with similar sets the 'routine' war and service medals are not included.


From online research Guillaume Auguste Fournage was born in the 14th (Seine) district of Paris on 21 May 1901 and died at Frejus (Var) on 13 August 1991. He joined the French navy in 1919 and was appointed Enseigne de vaisseau 2nd class on 1 October 1921 at Cherbourg. He was promoted to Enseigne de vaisseau 1st Class on 1 October 1923 and on 18 January 1929 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant de vaisseau. On 1 January 1932 he was at Cherbourg and later promoted to Capitaine de Corvette and thereafter to Commandeant le croiseur auxiliaire X10. From the limited documentation I have:

Fournage was appointed a Knight, 5th Class of the Order of the Dragon of Annam on 10 October, 1932, and his rank is noted as ‘Lieutenant de Vaisseau’. The certificate clearly notes that the order was conferred by the President of the Republic of France.

Fournage was appointed a Knight of the Legion of Honour on 28 June, 1934 and his rank is noted a ‘Lieutenant de Vaisseau’. He was promoted to an Officer, 4th Class, of the Order on 11 November 1946 and his certificate when issued was dated 14 March, 1947 – his rank is noted as ‘Capitaine de Fregate’. Both certificates note his date of birth as 21 May, 1901.

With regard to the Order of St Charles of Monaco - awarded for service to the ruler or the Principality of Monaco - an online search notes Fournage’s award was gazetted in the Journal de Monaco, the official gazette of the Principality, on Thursday 4 April 1946. Fournage is designated as Frigate Captain, commanding the navy at Nice.

I am trying to obtain further information as to his career, but so far with no success. I am verbally advised he was at some stage during the 1930's posted to the French submarine Phenix - entered service 1932 , and which sank with 71 crew in 1939 in Cam Ranh Bay Indochina. That he spent time in the region is indicated by the Order of the Dragon of Annam and the Royal Order of Cambodia.

Any suggestions as to where I can obtain further details as to his career?

Kind regards,


P.S. With regard to the USA Bronze Star Medal I have a colleague looking at US Records but these are not codified so it is unlikely that a specific date/reference will be found - as there is no device on the medal ribbon I am assuming it is an award for meritorious service given as one of many to the French Navy at the end of WW2.



Fournage Miniatures Obverse.jpg

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