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    A English medal made in South Africa !!

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    Voluntary Medical Service Medal (1932-)

    Clip.jpg.8d48b1b9d026f7f6591b01ac4160895d.jpg (MYB:  266)

    UK Version

    Clip_2.jpg.0e04163c41fcf6578456fa976620cd22.jpg Clip_3.jpg.54714a639eeae37a54acd2750acd4e72.jpg Clip_14.jpg.85b5f9ba26d6de0acdcb3beeee54856f.jpg no marking under cross.


    Named: J. ROBERTS

    Insignia: A circular silver medal depicting the head of Florence Nightingale (obverse).

    Branch: British Red Cross Society and the St. Andrew’s Ambulance Corps (Scotland).

    Ribbon: Red with yellow and white stripes.

    Metal: Originally struck in silver but since the 1960’s it has been produced in cupro-nickel.

    Size: 36mm.

    Description: (Obverse) the veiled bust of a female holding an oil lamp, symbolic of Florence Nightingale, (Reverse) the crosses of Geneva and St. Andrew, with the inscription FOR LONG AND EFFICIENT SERVICE.

    Comments: Awarded for 15 years’ service, with a bar for each additional period of five years. The service bars are embellished with a Geneva Cross or Saltire (St. Andrew) Cross, whichever is the more appropriate.

    Clip_5.jpg.8820fd058e73333991f7250d261d16db.jpg Geneva Cross Clip_6.jpg.0cfc9c6c00b6e70c03e0ba26e5362ee8.jpg Saltire (St.Andrew) Cross


    UK/SOUTH AFRICAN version

    Clip_7.jpg.9ea5735df2797b78125a62c61fbcaf14.jpg Clip_8.jpg.57075e32be36d05225a7183756288dc9.jpg Clip_15.jpg.a47dc1570e111ac27904429e0ad3a76d.jpg marked STERSIL

    Named: M. BUTCHER

    Clip_10.jpg.c1dbf3bb5d837ca460041fb3c8d8992c.jpg pin has joe calafato box 1475 pretoria on it.


    SOUTH AFRICAN version

    Clip_11.jpg.06da9a7a324d8038709da15453e0cf07.jpg Clip_12.jpg.6faf7fd3bd71820e0941eb160a794d57.jpg Clip_16.jpg.eaf14e6326ac466f16a3bdff58cffe65.jpg marked STG E S.A.M. (South African Mint)


    Named: M.C. de WAAL


    Observation/Question: Since this is a English medal made in South Africa and issued to a South African recipient I’m wondering if this (Red Cross) medal was also made in other British speaking countries (i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc) for recipients in those countries.

    If so, are there any indicators (hallmarks) on these medals – WHO OF YOU CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION ??









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