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    MGSSA 68

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    • 1 year later...

    Hello Boulon57,


    MGSSA 68, initial organization :

    End of March 1917 by Sub. Gen Kdo. XX.AK. (According to the War Ministry of 03/28/1917.

    Mobilized since April 1917.  MGK 1-3 from I.R. 616.


    Replacement : 3.Ers. MGK, XX AK.


    Subordinated : 04/11/1917          -                    Ausbildungs-Kdo. West (Training)

                             05/27/1917 - 01/03/1918          1. Army

                             01/08/1918                                Ausbildungs-Kdo. West (Training)

                             02/19/1918 - 12/12/1918           19.Army 


    Attached        : 02/16/1918 - 05/12/1918           10 Bavarian I.D.   


    Remain           : Mid Dec. 1918 in Arys (East Prussia), early Jan. 1919 disbanded by I.R. 152


    Source :  Kling, von Stein : Maschinengewehr-Formationen 1914-1918, Deutsche Heereskunde.

                    Maschinengewehrtruppen, Band 2 by Juergen Kraus.


    Hope this helps,




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    • 1 month later...

    Hi Guys,

    here is a dog tag of Ernst Kruetzfeldt from Kiel. Looks like he was called up to I.Ers.MGK of IX. AK and went after training to MGSS-Tr. 36.  By Oct.1st, 1916 MGSS-Tr.36 was transformed into 3rd comp. of MGSSA of 4th Army.IMG_1941.thumb.jpeg.06dafa36b3ada9112d47270680e2a38b.jpeg





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    • 9 months later...

    Salut Thierry!

    Here are some photos of IR146.

    The coloured photo shows my grand-uncle. 1916 he promoted to Lt.d.Res. in IR155, then he came to IR146. With this regiment he was wounded in Macedonia. Unfortunately I don´t know, in which regiment this photo was taken.


    Inf.Rgt. 155 (Großonkel Hugo Harhaus, koloriert).jpg

    Inf.Rgt. 146 (Zahlmeister Brunk, Btl.Arzt, ldstpfl. Artzt Dr. Uicker).jpg

    Inf.Rgt. 146 (TropenhelmeKorrektur).jpg

    Inf.Rgt. 146 (Kapelle).jpg


    Inf.Rgt. 146 (Gruppe, evtl. Hugo Harhaus).jpg

    Edited by The Prussian
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    Hi Andy,


    Thank you for these documents

    My grandfather served (amongst others) with the 12th company of the 146th from 7 August 1915 to 2 July 1916 and the 2nd company of the MGSSA 68 from 1 January 1917 to 31 March 1918.



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