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    Picked up an interesting WW2 pin badge today. Definitely SAAF but don't quite know exactly what squadron or wing it relates to. I'm thinking it's 5th Wing, which was the transport wing of the SAAF, who I imagine had a detachment at Juba which was one of the staging points along the route from South Africa to Cairo.

    Anyone else have some ideas? 

    Possible 5th Wing WW2 SAAF Pin Badge.jpg

    Possible 5th Wing WW2 SAAF Pin Badge1.jpg

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    I think I found some relevant information. 


    Staging Post Detachments were established at Kumalo, N'Changa (Ndola), Tabora, Kisumu, Juba, Malakal, Wadi Seidna, Wadi Haifa and Cairo West. They were numbered from 1 to 9 respectively. The number of personnel required at each staging post was: 57 ground crew, 7 refuellers, 30 signallers, 6 meteorologists and 20 headquarters administrative staff, a total of 120 members per detachment. One hundred maintenance personnel were based at Cairo West and the headquarters staff there was increased to 50. At Kisumu, 220 slip crew members would be based, and at Cairo, 110. Of the 4 500 members of 4 Group, nearly half would be stationed along the route.

    Hope someone can clarify if this is correct as this would verify the pin badge for me. 

    Found the information from this website under the subheading "Intensified Transport Service."


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