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    Verify if 1902 Met. Police Coronation Medal properly named ?

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    Hello Gents,  I'm currently looking at a very nice 3 pc Metropolitan Police Coronation Group, & wish to confirm 2 things. 1st, the seller lists the 1902 example as being named with Rank & Name, which we all know is incorrect. As far as I'm aware, it should be, Rank, Name, Division ? I E-Mailed the owner to ask if this was possibly a simple oversight, & to please check the medal to confirm ? 2nd, the seller is asking around 150 GBP, & as I haven't been keeping track of the market values lately, if that's a fair price for such a Group ?  ( All Met. Police Coronation, 1887, w/ 1897 Clasp, 1902, & 1911 Coronation Medals. I am hoping the description is in error, & the 1902 is properly named,  but you never know ? I have always loved U.K. medals & awards, especially Police related, but haven't actively collected them in years. If anyone has any comments either regarding the naming, & the selling price, I would really appreciate hearing from them. THANK YOU


                  Best,  Dom P. /  dpast32

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    Hello Again Folks,  This is basically an addendum to my previous Post just above. I forgot to include the fact that the recipient had Pensioner off in early January 1911, with his final document being signed by some Superior on 03 February 1911. Please tell me how he would have qualified for the 1911 Coronation Medal, since he was no longer on duty on that date ? ANY assistance here will be very much appreciated. THANKS


                   Dom P. / dpast32

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