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    Some rare DDR uniforms

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    After collecting German Third Reich for 20 plus years I thought it was time to branch out.  Over the last year I have been trying to pick up rare DDR items for my collection.  I recently was able to snag several uniforms that I wanted to share with you guys.  You just don't see too many uniforms like this.

    First, is a fixed wing pilot with the Trapo Polizei.  The uniform is dated 1980 and the insignia is definitely original to the tunic.  If anyone can identify the ribbon bar with the airplane on it I would greatly appreciate it?  Some kind of civilian pilot medal??

    Second, is a super rare Water Police tunic for an individual in charge of a boat.  Note the "Bootsfuhrer" cuff title.

    Last, is an über rare Wasserwirtschaft high ranking indivual with the maintenance branch (black underlay).  A very seldom seen tunic.

    Hope you guys like them?











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    The ribbon with airplane on it is the Medaille fur treue Dienste in der zivilien Luftfahrt.  I woldn't expect this ribbon bar to be found in wear on this tunic.  The two bars on the ribbon indicates the wearer had between ten and fifteen years as a civilian pilot.



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    The whole bar doesn't make mush sense.  I'll let you work out why.  Good experience for you if you are going to buy DDR uniforms.  Perhaps a good book on uniforms and medals would be the next step?

    If you want comments on these uniforms, and on the medal bars on each one, I would suggest that you post each one separately and include the pocket labels.



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