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    1828 Pattern Scottish Basket Hilt Sword - Rough shape ... help ID?!

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    I recently purchased this Scottish 1828 pattern basket hilt sword on ebay here in the US.  The BIN price was low so I figured I have a go.   It is not in very good shape.  No scabbard, no grip, blade is heavily pitted obscuring much etching, basket hilt is pitted and I believed at first spray painted gold.  The brass proof mark has also popped out.


    It does have a few redeeming qualities.   

    1. The blade is straight and does retain some etching.  I can make out the battle honours: Salamanca, Pyrenees, Nivelle (or NIve), Toulouse, Waterloo, Sevastapol, and Egypt 1882.  

    2. The blade is stamped with a  serial number on the spine "1958".

    3. There is an etched (possibly) VRI or it could be initials of the owner.  


    I have a couple of questions:

    1.  What regiment?  Cameron or Black Watch?

    2.  Is that a VRI or intials?

    3.  Is the gold on the basket original?  I assumed not but it will NOT come off.   I've tried.  It seems gilt on (ormolu?)  

    4.  Does the number 1958 give any information?  Its obviously not a year.

    5.  The sword is what it is.  It is never coming back to "new".  I would like to put a grip on it though.  Anyone have an old beat up one they would sell or know where I could get one?





    More pics.




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