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    Nikolai Semyenovich Gershon/Mikhlin

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    Here is an interesting Order of the Red Star awarded by decree in 1942 to Nikolai Semyenovich Gershon. 


    By the time the Order was given out in 1986, he had changed his name to Nikolai Semyenovich Mikhlin.


    It's interesting to see that an award in the range of 3,700,000 was awarded by decree in December 1942. Mikhlin was living in Leningrad at the time his award was finally presented to him, not out in the wilderness, so his name change must have been the reason it took so long to get to him.


    Anyway, onto the research...


    Nikolai Semyenovich Mikhlin

    Sniper Squad Leader - 3rd Guards Motorized Rifle Division






    Award Card

    3 November 1986, RSFSR,
    Leningrad, Kyibyshev Regional Military Commissariat

    1. Last name: Mikhlin
    2. Name and patrionymic: Nikolai Semenovich
    3. Nationality: Russian
    4. Gender: Male
    5. Birthyear: 1921
    6. Birthplace: Shklov, Mogilev Oblast
    7. Party membership: n/a
    8. Education: mid-level
    9. Military rank: Guards sergeant (reserves)
    10. Time in Red Army: 05.1940-06.1945
    11. Place of service at awarding: Sniper Squad Leader – 3 Guards Motorized Rifle Division
    12. Place of work at present: “Kontakt 4” – welder/instrumental technician
    13. Home address: Leningrad, Rubinshtein St. Bldg. 26, Apt. 11
    14. Awards:

    Designation            Serial Number                        Awarding                       Organization

    Red Star                  3.766.117                                5 Army dated                4 December 1942


    Verified by Kyibyshev Regional Military Commissariat Colonel A.A. Yushchenko on 03
    November 1986




    Award Sheet

    1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Gershon, Nikolai Semenovich
    2. Rank: Guards Sergeant
    3. Duty position: Sniper Squad Leader – Blocking Battalion, 3 Guards Motorized Rifle Division
    Recommendation for the Order of the Red Star
    4. Born: 1921
    5. Nationality: Russian
    6. In Red Army: since 1940
    7. Party membership: Comsomol member
    8. Previous combat: Western Front, Karmanov Region, Smolensk Oblast August-October 1942
    9. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a
    10. Previous awards: n/a
    11. Inducted by: Kalinin Regional Military Commissariat, Leningrad
    12. Home of record: Leningrad, Mezhdunarodnii Prospekt Bldg. 711, Apt. 34

    Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

    He has operated as a sniper squad leader since 5.9.42 on our defense’s lead edge near Kostino, Karmanov Region, Smolensk Oblast. By his personal example he has motivated his squad’s soldiers to destroy the enemy, which as a result his sniper squad has destroyed 239 fascist invaders from 5.9.42 to 7.10.42, of which Gershon personally killed 39. Prior to entering into combat Comrade Gershon applied full zeal to train his squad in the skill of sniper shooting and trained brave, accurate riflemen for action in combat.

    Signed Blocking Battalion Commander Guards Captain Mironov and Guards Politruk Alfimov on 8 October 1942

    Endorsed Commander, 3 Guards Motorized Rifle Division, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Vochkov on 14.10.1942

    Endorsed 5 Army Deputy Commander General-Lieutenant Fod(?)nskii and Division Commissar Ivanov on 31 October 1942




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