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    Seeking Additional Information on WW1 Group to L/Cpl. [ Later Lieutenant ] Alan HOCKLY, WIA at Loos, 25 - 26 September 1915, & 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders role ?

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    Seeking Additional Information on WW1 Group to L/Cpl. [ Later Lieutenant ] Alan HOCKLY, WIA at Loos, 25 - 26 September 1915, while serving with 6th Battalion [ Service ] Cameron Highlanders ? I've had this Group for a while now, & although I've been relatively fortunate in researching & documenting his service, I'm still curious as to which German, or Central Powers units the 6th Cameron's were facing, & ultimately were engaged with on 25 / 26 September 1915 ? { Just as an 'aside', I later determined that Hockly was closely related to one of the 'founding families', so to speak, who emigrated & settled South Africa circa the 1820's, IIRC. } After his medical evacuation from Loos, while convelescing, he applied for & received an Officer's Commission to the 11th Bn. York & Lanc's, & was shortly thereafter transferred to the 10th Y &L Bn. From what I've been able to learn, I don't believe he ever returned to France, & or left the U.K. at all after her wounded, & later Commissioned ? Then, IIRC, in 1917 he received his final transfer of WW1, which was to 3rd R.B., Royal Engineers. [ No doubt based upon his being enrolled in the Civil Engineering Program University of Glasgow when he initially enlisted. ] I believe he also served during WW2, albeit in pretty much the same capacity as ever so of his particular Generation, as Lieutenant's assigned to perhaps the R.E., Pioneer units, & or other related Service type units. He has tended to be somewhat of a 'bugger' in regards to the ease of researching him. He appears to have transitioned back & forth between England / Scotland, South Africa, & Canada, where he ultimately passed away & was buried in

    on  24 May 1973, in British Columbia. So, if anyone amongst our Highland Regiments Scholars would be so kind as to enlighten me regarding the 6th Cameron's particular role, either in or around Loos infamous Hill 70, I would deeply appreciate hearing from them. THANK YOU !!


                              Best regards,    Dom P.  /  dpast32

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