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    Der Kha Pawzi Khedmat medal


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    Dear All,


    anyone that can post a photo of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 'Der Kha Pawzi Khedmat' medal ?


    I'm higly interested in seeing at least, his ribbon.....


    (I have searched the web, unfortunately, with no result)



    Before to close this post, I would like to know if someone can translate the words: 'Der Kha Pawzi Khedmat'



    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    Best Regards



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    On 12/07/2021 at 09:51, Alexander Kunstmann said:

    Are you mean the Good Military Service Medal? The first version was established in 1980 and was manufactured in the USSR.  The medal was revived in 2004. New medals were produced. Now only these medals are awarded. 

    First version. 



    Second version: 



    Where was the second version of this medal made? was it made in moscow?

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