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Garand bayonet: Refinished by foreign country? Foreign made copy? Something else?

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I've had this Garand bayonet for a while, and I'm not really sure what to make of it.  All the markings have been crudely ground off, and it's been refinished.  I suspect that this might have belonged to some third party country during the cold war.  Anyone know what might be going on here?




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My only thought is that a bayonet with markings 'crudely ground off' and none at all added has probably been messed about by an ignorant collector.  It may well have wound up in the hands of one of America's many 'allies' but all armies like to number and/or label things to make it easier to help the QM and punish soldiers who lose or sell the kit they're issued. 

A shame this piece has been so mutilated. :(

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On 05/11/2021 at 01:26, landsknechte said:

The blade looks like it's been parkerized after it was butchered, which seems to suggest it wasn't Bubba's handiwork.  


Doing a bit more digging, I've come to suspect it might be one of these South Korean modified bayonets.

I missed that.  You're probably correct, then.  Well spotted!

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