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    Whilst researching this one, I'd welcome and appreciate second opinions as well please. 


    To my knowledge, these were produced by Hulse and CEJ, in the case of Hulse, both marked and unmarked.  CEJ I believe unmarked. 


    The base metal appears to be bronze, silvered reverse, no rivets holding the crown piece, instead, bent over prongs. I've not seen this crown arrangement before, with the holes visible through.  Rivets missing from it? The front metalwork is gilt finish, white infill enamels look okay, crazed and gaps formed at borders visible under magnification.  The cast marks on the crowns and inconsistent edge thickness of the borders, are putting me off.









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    I think you will find upon closer examination that not only the verso of the cross is silvered but the entire cross part (front and back). As for the crown+2 crosses part on the front- it's just bronze base metal with no gold gilding on top.


    You are right that the piece is cast as visible by the line running through the crown at 11 o'clock below.

    Some claim it to be a Souval product, some say S&L. I think it's just a faker's fake- why would a big medal manufacturer decide to cast their products for the post war market nonetheless (Souval & S/L did not supply them before 1945 to the best of my knowledge).


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