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    Guest Rick Research

    I'd say from the highly theatrical "Hollywood" lighting that this was, indeed, a MOVIE prop, being worn by an actor, not a real Freikorps soldier.

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    Well, I'm not so sure. The magazine is an 'official' history of the Silesian Freikorps campaigns, so why would they use a film prop?

    Theatrical - most definitely.

    Unofficial - who knows?

    Hitler & Co. were well known for their theatrical gear, but it didn't make it unofficial.

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    I agree. Why they didn't just paint the TK on the helmet the way some real freikorps units did, I will never know.

    Dan Murphy


    Apart from the one well-known 'Freikorpskaempfer' picture, it's actually VERY difficult to find original photos of the TK being worn by Freikorps troops on the helmet.

    Here's one, although you'd need a magnifying glass to see it. The guy on the left.......

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    • 1 month later...

    Mystery solved! Rick was right (as usual). :beer:

    The photo shows the actor Willi Fritsch as he appeared in the 1937 film 'Menschen Ohne Vaterland', which was about the Freikorps.

    He played Oberleutnant Maltzach, of the Baltic FK.

    Here he is on a publicity cigarette card............

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