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    Colonial Veterans Association Honour Pin

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    Membership pins given to those associated with the Kolonial-Krieger-Verein and its various incarnations from the early 20th century through to the end of the Third Reich are commonly seen, but, I also see the "Silberne Ehrennadel" offered by various dealers (most unmarked, with the marked ones I've found manufactured by Paul Küst), yet cannot find any information about this pin or what it was awarded for (I would assume long membership or meritorious contributions to the organization). Antique Photos makes no mention of this pin in its entry on the standard membership pin, and Ehrenzeichen-Orden only makes reference to various "honour badges" that were handed out. I haven't found anything on the forums, but that could be a slight on my part with search parameters. I would appreciate if anyone could shed any light on this particular pin.


    Example: https://www.sammlermarkt-nord.net/xoshop/verein-ehemaliger-kolonial-und-auslandstruppen-silberne-ehren.html






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