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    Unknown Albanian Cap Badge need to be identified

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    This post discuss unknown Albanian cap badge which I come across.

    The first is that photo :



    I found a photo during Principality of Albania, in which their cap badge in red circle I never see before.

    Everyone have these cap badges material object ?

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    On 13/01/2024 at 09:40, johnprice said:



    Two unknown cap badge in red circle need to be identified. One photo is Zogu weared uniformed in 1934, another is Zogu weared unknown type uniform. 😞



    @Zaim Qyteza 


    Mr. Zaim Qyteza, Do you have some idea?

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    • 3 weeks later...

    Thank you for your answer!


    Now I find a Albanian Air Force office photo , I am sure that he was Albanian Air Force office not Soviet , because his name was Hektor Eftim Lako . So I want to ask what is concrete of this people army Air Force badge in red circle. Thank you .

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    What is unknown Royal Albanian Navy Force cap badge? I want to ask what is concrete of this  in red circle. 

    His name was Mujo Ulqinaku , who I can find only Royal Albanian Navy Force office photo from internet.

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