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    1. The publication is from the Bank of Italy and is available to buy online. In the part that belongs to Albania, it contains the Cross of the Order of Besa and the Collar of Albania, both belonging to Mussolini and accompanied by the corresponding articles that describe the itinerare of them in these 8 decades. Finally, after 8 decades we have an accurate image of the Collar of Albania, Type 1.
    2. Hello to everyone! After several years of silence in this discussion, finally something new! Finally, the Bank of Italy published a special issue for the MEDALS OF MUsSOLINI, where several pages are also dedicated to COLLAR OF ALBANIA. It is the absolute first time that detailed photos of this Kollar appear and I wanted to share this information with you. Regards, Zaim https://www.shop.ipzs.it/it/tracce-di-metallo3000046091.html
    3. Hi Seb, But can you tell what chinese medal is this? Zaim
    4. I have answered the other question in the post: For the concrete question, see attach.
    5. This photo is from the second half of 1913. I catalog them as "Model 1913" and they were ordered in Italy by the Albanian Provisional Government in May 1913.
    6. Dear, John, 1. First of all, it is important to give a clear scheme of the periods of the Albanian state: -The First Monarchy, 1912-1914: The period when Albania was recognized as an Independent Principality, until the departure of Prince of Wied. - The First Regency, 1918-1924: The Period from the Congress of Durres which renewed the monarchical system of the state, until the fall of Fan Noli’s government. - The First Republic, 1925-1928: The Period of Ahmed Zogu’s Republic. -The Second Monarchy, 1928-1939: The Period of Zog I’ Kingdom. - The Third Monarchy, 1939-1943: The Period of the reign of Vittorio-Emanuele III, until Italy's armistice. - The Second Regency, 1943-1944: Regency during the German invasion. - The Second Republic, 1946-1990: The Period from the announcement of PRA (The People’s Republic of Albania, RPSH), until the announcement of political pluralism. - The Third Republic, 1991- : The Period from the April 1991’s elections onwards. 2. Regarding your request, I am giving you a table of the rank system of uniforms M.27. This table is part of a book that I am writing about the History of Albanian Uniforms, a book which will be completed I believe in 20 or 30 years 😀. Regards,, Zaim
    7. Hi John, The site you are looking at has some errors and is somewhat chaotic. However, I respect their work and, however, it is a first attempt. Are you interested in the uniforms of the era of Prince Wied (1914), or those of the period of President/King Zog (1925-1939)? Zaim
    8. Hi Paja, My compliments. Very beautiful! Zaim
    9. Thank you Markon and Megan. Is the term "Distinctive" used in English for these types of objects? In Albanian, we call these objects "Distiktiv". In Italian they are called "Distintivo". You say that the most correct term in English is "Insignia". Am I correct? But on the net I see that the term "Badge" is also used. For example "Soviet school badges". I thing that the term "Badge" refers mainly to badges in clothe. While the term "Insignia" refers to metal signs. Am I right? Regards, Zaim
    10. Hi to all, I am finally finishing the "CATALOG OF ALBANIAN …". 🙂 This is my problem, I don't know what term to use, Distinctives, Badges or any other. The term "badge" is very general, hat badge arm badge, etc. The term "Distinctives" is propably inpropriate. Please if you can help me. To guide you, I am attaching some of its pages here. Regards, Zaim
    11. No, the contrary. Was two class order in 1996, and one class title after 2013.
    12. Dear JOhnprice, I am finishing the draft for the reprint of my book ALBANIAN MEDALS. I am attaching here two pages that interest you. Regards, Zaim
    13. Hi Euronymous, The M.66 uniform had only one type of jacket, the one with a closed collar. The M.66 jacket was created under the Chinese influence of that period. The M.75 uniform provided that along with it, jackets with an open collar were reintroduced. In this model, the jacket with a closed collar was for the training uniform. The jacket with an open collar was for the office uniform. The officers of your picture, wear M.66 Uniform, around 1970. This is understood by the hat they wear, which has a shelter covered with stuff. This type of hat was introduced on 1969. What is the difference between a M.66 with closed collar jacket and an M.75 closed collar jacket? The M.66 has buttons on the edge of the shoulder straps. In this picture, you can see three officers in M.75 uniform (w/o buttons on the shoulder straps). Regards, Zaim
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