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    Jnr Lt. Sergei Kuzmich Verpeko – Order of the Red Star: 2,658,163

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    Hi all


    This is my first post here, I have been a viewer of the forum for some time so looking forward to getting more involved. I thought I would make my introduction to the forum by showing one of my medals which was recently researched by Auke - amazing work on his part as always. 


    The order was awarded for actions on the night of 23rd-24th March 1945, crossing the Abava River in Latvia. The star was awarded on April 7 1945.


    Junior Lieutenant Sergei Kuzmich Verpeko was the commander of a sapper platoon in the 489th Independent Sapper Battalion, 360th Rifle Division, Leningrad Front.


    This Red Star was his only award, aside from the Victory over Germany medal.


    Citation for Action:  

    The Night of 23rd-24th March 1945 – ‘Verpeko's platoon was ordered to build a bridge across the Abava River, near the Pilsaty farmstead in Latvia. Verpeko showed patriotism, initiative, and skill in supervising his platoon. In spite of heavy enemy artillery and mortar fire, which interrupted the work several times, the job was completed in four hours, instead of the usual ten hours. His platoon then built a road out of brushwood on the opposite bank.’


    I happen to visit Latvia myself at least a couple of times a year so will have to see if i can justify any kind of trip somewhere along part of the Abava River. That said I wouldn't be sure where this Pilsaty Farmstead would be and the river runs over 130km...


    All the best












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    13 hours ago, Egorka said:

    No need to walk 130 km, mate. :)
    Here is Pilsaty.

    Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 20.55.16.jpg

    @Egorka Thank you very much, this is amazing to have! Am I right in thinking this is just south of present day 'Jaunpils'? Just want to double check as I can't zoom in too much to your image without ruining the quality! I don't suppose it would be possible to email in higher quality? Cheers!



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    Yes, right south of Jaunpils.
    I can mail, no problem. But you can see here.

    The bridge was raised across the river going through the forest.

    Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 19.26.30.jpg

    Edited by Egorka
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