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    St Helena Certificate query - what information was used?


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    Hello all


    I have this rather lovely St  Helena document named to a Corporal of the 12e Legere regiment. When I did a search for his muster book entry he came up as being in the 44e infantry 1810- 28 March 1812. The details for this man in the muster book match up with same date of birth and notes his promotion to corporal on 16 June 1812. Indeed, it seems to have been a unique name (or unique in those that have been scanned so far). The muster books also show he was made a prisoner of war by the Russians on 27 November 1812. 


    Now this poses a few questions that I'd be grateful if someone could help me with.


    1) What determined the unit put onto the diploma - was there a policy such as first unit, last unit etc?


    2) Would he have another muster book entry for his service with the 12e Legere (I assume these were Voligeurs?), or any other service records?


    3) I cannot find a trace of the 12e Legere having been at the fight on the river crossing in Russia where the chap was noted as having been captured. The 44e infantry were a part of the Grande Armee, but it shows him as having left that unit in the March.


    4) Can anyone work out what the writing in the third column of the muster sheet states?


    Photos attached.


    Thanks very much 







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