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  1. I've used Vanguard and they even take Paypal payments. www.Vanguardmil.com
  2. Been ages since I've been on here! I just bought this attractive modern medal group, ideal to frame on the wall. I'd very much like the input of those who understand a lot more about the nuances of US medal awards, as there appear to be a few anomalies 1) navy and army achievement medals: I assume recipient most likely served ashore under army control (in Iraq)?If so, any particular specialty? 2) the medal rack has a Coastguard sea service ribbon and one of the expert shooting medal ribbons has the emblem in Coastguard format. However, no Coastguard medals and no USN Se
  3. Unusual combination - impossible if complete entitlement?? The C de G is not on the Vichy ribbon (which was black and green), but on the French Republic ribbon and without emblem. Presumably he served 1939-40 with the French forces, in which case he should also have the WW2 commemorative (and presumably explains presence of military Valour Cross.
  4. Long time since those posts... I still have his medal and was wondering whether it's worth insuring in its own right and/or so I can estimate the total of my collection for insurance purposes (I'm okay with estimate the UK/Commonwealth stuff)? I know very little about Soviet prices, this being my only gallantry example (and only USSR award aside from a c.1944 MMM to a female transport NCO for directing convoys). Any ball park figures for the Bravery Medal and the researched MMM to a female soldier? Any information gratefully received. Rich
  5. I note this is an ancient post, but re. Defence Medal absence: 1 - Home Guard generally required 3 years' service (and only in active existence for 4 years) 2 - WW2 medals had to be applied for, so perhaps application was never made, through oversight or deliberate inaction (not everyone could be bothered or even wanted them). In which case, NOK can apply for it. 3 - Maybe it was received, but never mounted since he'd left the services and therefore missing.
  6. Rich


    So did the Turks actually produce a war medal to go with the campaign bar ribbons?
  7. There is an illustrated article on them, and RAF equivalents, in a c.1940 publication called Britain's Wonderful Fighting Forces (Think that's the title but I don't have a copy to hand.)
  8. ......... sorry, trying to attach attachment, can't see how to delete post.
  9. Here's a link showing the couple I own(ed), both 1 REC for Chad: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=1262...mp;#entry121582
  10. Hi, So, French KIAs received either Legion d'Honneur and C de G (officers) or Medaille Militaire and C deG (other ranks). Questions I've been puzzling over: 1) Did they also receive the 3 campaign medals (Victory, Commem. and (if entitled) C du Combattant)? 2) What make of C de G did they receive - a generic 1914-18 one, or does it depend upon year of death? 3) In these instances was the C de G always awarded with a Star, or a Palm? 4) Was this the same practice during WW2? TIA for any help; just been wondering about these things for a bit.
  11. You ought to read how Prussian officers are described in John Buchan novels... ... suspiciously short hair and a penchant for soft furnishings. Hannay twigged it, obviously.
  12. I suppose one must bear in mind that some of the medals we have were awarded to gay people (if one really cares about who does what with who and how). In fact, I know someone who researches WW1 relatives for people who's sometimes had to confess that a certain military 'crime' for which a great-uncle was convicted falls into the same-sex sexual misdemeanor. Those pics just show different cultures in a different age... ... although that one of the Soviet generals is really dodgy.
  13. Okay, thanks. Bear with me and I'll post the scans of what I already have. (Not really au fait with Russian research possibilities, as you might have guessed.)
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