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    Conformation needed about correct ribbon for VENDA prison service gallantry cross silver.


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    I've had this information (from Arthur Radburn) for some time:



    VPS Gallantry Cross (CPV) – Gold (1985-1996)



    VPS Gallantry Cross (CPF) - Silver (1985-1996)




    VPS Distinguished Service Medal: Gold (SPO) (1985-1996)



    VPS Distinguished Service Medal: Silver (SPM) (1985-1996)


    However, lately I found information (+ photo's) from 2 different sources concerning VPS Gallantry Cross - silver.




    2nd. photo = (Add. info said that it has the correct ribbon !!) (The listing said SILVER, but looking at the picture it could also be the GOLD version)


    As both sources show the same ribbon (+ the add. info) I'm wondering if it is indeed the correct ribbon - does anyone know if I'm correct in my conclusion.

    And do the other ribbons then belong to the DSM (gold and silver).


    With thanks, Marcon1.

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    The ribbon on the Gold Cross, is correct, but the ribbon of the Silver Cross, is the same, but instead of yellow in the middle, it will be green, white, green


    Pucture unfortunately not clear, but will share better pictures sometime




    20221109_160318 (1)_resized_1.jpg

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