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    Just Curious, What Are These Medals?

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    Hi, Stogieman. The one on the black/orange/white ribbon is the Commemorative Medal for the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty (Медаль в память 300 - летия дома Романовых), instituted 21 February 1913 and awarded to the nobility, members of the armed forces, and those who attended celebratory events at which the Tsar was present. Interestingly,  public servants, members of the Duma,  and priests could also wear it but had to purchase their own!


    The other one is the Commemorative Medal of 100th Anniversary of Patriotic War 1812 (МЕДАЛЬ "В ПАМЯТЬ 100-ЛЕТИЯ ОТЕЧЕСТВЕННОЙ ВОЙНЫ 1812 Г") which was awarded to troops taking part in parades to mark said anniversary (who were drawn from regiments that had been involved in turfing the French out) and also to direct descendants of soldiers who had fought in that war.



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    Hi Megan!! Thanks!! It looked like it had some serious age to it, thought it was an interesting and attractive bar but I know nothing of the Imperial Russian ODM!

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