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    South African Police


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    I spend 25 years in the SAP and 15 of those years at one of the Riot Units which later changed names to Internal Stability Division (ISD) and Public Order Police (POP).


    The name changed back to ISD and changed shoulder and chest flashes numerous time.


    I was fortunate to asked by my Commander to design our badge at 3 times.


    Here is a picture of all the different badges worn from 1986 to 2001, until I was promoted to the rank of Lt-Col and transfered to our Provincial Commissioners HQ in Kimberley, South Africa. 


    At one stage, we had 38 ISD units in SA, but that was increased


    I spend my time at Riot Unit 15


    Here is the medals awarded to me during my career in the SA Defence Force, South African Railways Police and then after the amalgamation with the SA Police in 1986, with the SAP, until the became the SA Police Service


    I spend my 15 years at the Riot Unit, with our Reaction Unit



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    I spend my 3 years in the SA Railways Police with the Northern Cape Regional Taskforce. The badge in the middle, was our badge


    My mistake, the one on the left was ours

    My different berets worn in the 2 Police Forces



    20220121_144348 (1).jpg

    20220121_144844 (1).jpg



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    Hi Archie,


    I have information/pictures suggesting there may be 7 versions to collect.




    SAP Cross for Bravery (PCF) - 1st Type (1963-1989)
    Awarded for conspicuous and exceptional gallantry in the line of duty, or in protecting or saving life or property. Only 13 decorations were awarded - the first recipient (1964) was Sgt J.R. Nienaber, who drowned while trying to rescue a man from the sea. Superseded by a new decoration of the same name.

    Insignia: A gold layered cross, depicting a smaller cross on a gyronny background inside a blue circle inscribed "Vivit Post Funera Virtus" (obverse), and the national coat of arms (reverse). Worn on a neck ribbon.


    image.png.62db0c3eef8bd6718dcc1d1c2ffba09d.pngimage.png.9d893c7ed7d8300e067bb575e0cde312.pngimage.png.184f995ef0a6a7aa18787024aeef0988.png 9ct gold.


    image.png.b8ac07fea8d2b14b910783b2c3ba7440.png no marking.


    SAP Cross for Bravery: Gold (PCFG) (1989-2004)
    Awarded for outstanding bravery in extreme danger. First awarded (1991) to Maj André du Toit, for twice single-handedly disposing of bombs, and for bravery while leading a raid on an armed fugitive's hideout.

    Insignia: Same design as the 1963 PCF, but smaller and with a narrower ribbon, and worn on the chest.



    image.png.fbe207be70e906dfc21c9eaf0ab0e040.png silver marked.


    image.png.5b0cbe597b1c1985865602ff9178ba6c.png No marking. Note diff. Coat of Arms.


    SAP Cross for Bravery: Silver (PCFS) (1989-2004)
    Awarded for exceptional bravery in great danger.

    Insignia: Same design as the PCFG, but in silver.



    image.png.843a9c6f86fb60a9a2a1380697624f5f.png925 hallmark.


    image.thumb.png.39103d2e29aaf07ef0e6b85bbdea42e3.png No marking.


    SAP Cross for Bravery (PCF) - 2nd Type (1989-2004)
    Awarded for bravery while in danger.

    Insignia: Same design as the PCFS, but in lower-grade silver.


    Regards, Marcon1.

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