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    Gazankulu Police Awards


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    Hi Archie,


    How many links should a GZP Star for Distinguished Leadership  have ??

    The one on your picture has 12 but I have a picture where it has 16 links.



    As for the GZP Star for Distinguished Service I have seen two different suspenders.


    Loose ring. (neck ribbon)


    Fixed suspender ring. (breast medal).


    Also, what do you make of these two medals ?



    Top one with whitish enamel and light bronze color.

    Bottom one with yellow enamel and dark bronze color.


    Regards, Marcon1.

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    Hi Marco,


    That picture is of a friend of mine. The one in my collection is also 16 links. Don't know why hid only have 12.


    As far as the Star for Distinguished Service, I know that the recipients have a choise to either wear it around the neck with the links, or as a decoration on the chest.


    As far as the difference in the Faithful Service medal, the cream colour was also white, but due to ageing, it became cream.


    The white one is surely well kept to the elements of nature.


    Will comment more later, when I have my notes with me.




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    Here we have the following award


    Gazankulu Police Star for Distinguished Leadership


    This decoration was approved to be worn as a necklet with the chain or as a decoration to be worn on a ribbon on the left chest


    Not approved to be worn around the neck on a ribbon


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    • 2 months later...

    Search and ye shall find...


    Gazankulu Police Star of Merit:




    Like Marco's earlier in this thread, the recipient's details have been engraved around the edge of the reverse.

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